Will we see our departed loved ones?

The possibility exists for one to see his or her departed loved ones, both while still here on earth and even after departing the physical earth plane, moving with one’s soul body into the ethereal plane or the Beyond.

As a matter of fact our departed loved ones have only changed location- that is, they have only moved from this physical plane to another plane of existence called the Ethereal world of the Beyond. This movement was made possible through dropping off of the physical body, no matter whether this was as a result of old age, disease, etc. Once the physical body is dropped upon earthly death, our departed loved ones appear in their soul body—as such they are still alive and indeed not far from us.

The demarcating line between this earth and the Beyond is very thin indeed. The only barrier is that we are unable to see them using our physical eyes because they are no longer in the physical body that shares same nature or consistency with our own physical eyes. But occasionally, we can perceive their presence with the help of our Ethereal eyes or also in our dreams.

The opportunity to see, meet and relate with them however increases the moment we also drop the physical body upon earthly death. Automatically the love we have shared with them while they were on earth would form a connecting tie that will draw them to us as soon as we depart.

Recorded accounts show that our departed loved ones often would be among the entourage of souls in the Beyond that would come to welcome us into the Ethereal plane.

One should then add that we are able therefore to still send loving, supporting prayerful thoughts, to our departed loved ones, even while we are still here in flesh and blood. And this would help them a lot in their continuing experiencing and maturity in the Beyond.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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