Will the world come to an end?

The End-Time spoken about in many prophecies does not refer to the end of the world but to the end of a great epoch. The scriptural accounts speak of the “close of the age”. After this close of the age begins a New Time, in which the Kingdom of God is to be established on earth: the Thousand-year Kingdom of Peace. The transition period from the Old to the New Time is formed by the period of the World Judgement or the Day of Reckoning alluded to severally by the Prophets. This period will be a time of troublesome cleansing of the evils of the past.

Man came to this earth unconscious from the Spiritual Kingdom, his place of origin, with the task of learning and living according to God’s Will. He is meant to return there fully conscious after his allotted period of learning here and to continue to live in all eternity according to God’s Will. Sadly, man fell and spent the time granted for his development living in accordance with his own desires and in wickedness.

The on-going World Judgement and the Great Purification had to come about because we chose not to fulfil our purpose of coming to this earth. We also chose to misinterpret all the warnings given by the prophets like Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed and even those by the Son of God Himself.

Now it is payback time! Judgement for many years of wilful stubbornness of mankind! This manifests in weather catastrophes, what men call natural disasters, political unrests, wars, economic failures which happen now with great intensity and in quick successions. These events relate to countries, organizations, families and individuals.

These happenings shake the earth as if it is about to perish but it is the Great Purification, the Cleansing willed by God that is at work. What we need to do at this momentous hour is to make up for what has been neglected, seek to know what is right and true and to live in accordance with it with all our strength. As a help for this, in the midst of the great tribulation and at the time when the noise of the false prophets is loudest the Word of Truth will ring out for all those who truly long for God.

Many painful things have already happened and more horrors are to come as the world and all its inhabitants are shaken to their depths. But only he will be saved who does not assume he is already saved but who in all humility seeks the Truth, lives in the Truth while looking up obediently to the Most High at all times for guidance.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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