Why is vision important to successful leadership?

The vision that is meant here in connection with leadership is the one that is rooted spiritually. In other words, it is vision that is born of spiritual knowledge. Knowledge of the workings of God’s Holy Will in His Creation within which working all human creatures are to grow, mature and bring their humanity to perfection.

Let us simply take a cue from a Biblical statement that where there is no vision the people perish. In this instance is meant those that are being led by a vision-less leader will end up undermining their entire existence in due course because of the many wrong acts of omission and commission that will have been committed in the process. It is the Will of God that the human creature would know and experience the grace of guidance, support and help in its quest to achieve the purpose of its existence and this through the institution of leadership.

The leader is obliged to stand higher in spiritual knowledge than the people he is leading otherwise how does he counsel, how does he guide and how does he direct the people entrusted to his care? It should be clear to our [readers] that vision such a leader needs to successfully shepherd a people along the path of development derives essentially from experiencing with the age of spiritual knowledge. The unconditional demand upon leader is that he should tower higher in spiritual knowledge so that the recognitions and understand deriving therefrom will serve him as reliable and effective tools for the wondrous and demanding task of shepherding of human beings.

Let it be known to our [readers] that the pass mark from God when it comes to the task and calling of leadership is 100% from the end of the leader. He is expected to completely fulfil his charge and task. The parable of the good shepherd as narrated by the Lord Jesus Christ is instructive in this regard: saving 99 out of a hundred sheep is not a pass mark for the shepherd. He could only become qualified as the good shepherd when he retrieved the straying one of the flock. Most importantly, it was the possession of vision that enabled and facilitated a sterling retrieval of the straying sheep by the good shepherd from the path from which it had strayed.

Vision is cardinal to leadership. Those who have engendered it through a disciplined and focused inner life should ensure it does not dim but ensure that its span should continually lengthen through closer link with the Laws of God.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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