Why is love the greatest power in Creation?

God is love. It was out of His great love that Creation itself came into being. And it is this love that, expressing itself in Laws, permeates, drives and holds the whole Creation.

If an individual succeeds in allowing true love to awaken within him, he thus attains a direct connection to the power flowing from out of the Godhead itself and which can allow him to achieve things which under normal circumstances he would never have thought possible for him to do. Love allows us to transform ourselves without our actually being aware of the transformation process itself. That is the answer to this question put in a nutshell.

However let us go deeper into the process: once love awakens within a person, the wish automatically arises to protect the loved one, to ensure that no harm comes to the object of that love. At the same time the one who loves feels unworthy of the object of that love and wishes to serve the loved one. Humility awakens within the person. Following upon this arises again the wish to do something really great and wonderful on behalf of the person that one loves. The rising power of this intuition can even stir the person to deeds of heroism. All the potentials, all the inherent qualities slumbering within the soul are called into action – pushing and driving the person onwards in the desire to really attain to be that which one is considered to be in the eyes of those who we love.

One of the first consequences of this process, is the possibility thus given for the person so blessed as to have awoken this intuition within, to throw off all the accumulated negative karma that have been burdening and holding the spirit down in the past. In this selfless giving of oneself, in this wish to strive to ensure the material and spiritual well-being of the one loved, all this baggage can be shaken off and the invigorated spirit can start now to follow the path upwards towards higher planes.

Again because the inner attitude has changed all the currents in Creation which in the past worked against the spirit because it refused to understand and work with them either out of ignorance or wilfully because of selfish desires, all these currents now work in a uplifting and strengthening manner because that spirit now flows with them. In flowing with them, it is carried forwards through their automatic self-acting activity. We become one with Creation and because we are now a part of that whole and the power of that whole now flows through us, it is possible for us to achieve things, which in present day circumstances and understanding would be considered “miraculous.”

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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