Why is it that some dead people re-appear again and again?

It is normal, occasionally, to find the incidence of the very brief appearance of a dead relative. This appearance is made possible through the departed one’s ethereal body, that is, the soul-body which is still very much alive. It is only the physical body that dies or that is discarded during an earthly death.

So, sometimes, it may happen that for some reasons a departed relative comes around either in a dream or also as if in a flash physically. Usually, they show up to assure their relatives that they are well and happy, and therefore the mourning and sadness should cease. Or they come to give one useful advice about an unfinished issue or matter.

I recall a case where the departed one came in dream to reveal his assailants and how the incident happened occurred but advised the wife not to seek for revenge as he has forgiven them.

All these go to confirm to us that the real man, the spirit, does not die.

The other possibility which everyone must guard against concerns cases of the departed who are earth-bound. To be earth-bound means that the soul has become so attached to the pleasures and enjoyments of the earth that they now hold it captive preventing its ascent higher spiritual planes of existence. This attachment could be to the beautiful mansion, to the wife or husband as the case may be or to love of acquired wealth or to any other marked propensity.

It will therefore help our passage to the great beyond if we hold an inward detachment from these material pleasures while still in flesh and blood.

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