Why does God allow such things as misfortune and disasters?

One needs to address issues separately. Misfortune is nothing more than the effects of the Law of Reciprocal Action – the Law that stipulates that what a man sows that shall he reap. All that happens to us as human beings has its spiritual genesis in actions that we have taken in the past. This past, however, is not necessarily a past event in the present earth-life that we are living. It could be from an event that took place in a previous earth-life whose cycle has now come to its close and returns to us in our present earth-life.

Why does God not intervene in this process and avert the returning reciprocal actions? God does not act arbitrarily. The Creator has woven His perfect Laws into Creation and has given each and everyone of us the opportunity shape our own individual destinies through judicious and wise application of our ability to intuitively perceive, the ability to shape and form the ethereal and physical environment around us.

Man cannot shirk from the responsibility given through this gift. He must experience the fruits of his working in Creation so that he can come to recognition, that is to know fully whether that which he chose for himself is good or bad. This he can only do by tasting the harvest of his sowing. Through the tasting, he ripens and matures inwardly.

Disasters. One presumes here that the questioner is referring to the so-called natural disasters or catastrophes like earthquakes, flooding, tsunamis etc. These occurrences which are taken as disasters by human beings are either necessary processes of change and transformation of the earth’s system and the result of the activity of the nature or animistic beings, who are constantly involved in maintaining and shaping our natural environment, or they have come about through man’s interference in Nature, his bad stewardship of the earth be it through pollution of the environment, global warming etc.

Now why does the Creator not intervene? Or, better put, is it true that the Creator does not intervene? It is instructive that in many a case when such catastrophes occur, all the wild life in the area about to experience this upheaval leave the area on time. The animal world therefore has seemingly been given forehand knowledge of the approaching event and takes necessary action. Human beings, however, with our entire high technology are not receptive to the signals which animals are able to receive and experience the full force of the occurrence upon ourselves.

The Creator does warn us adequately but here as in other things, through our obsession with material matters, we have rendered ourselves deaf and dumb to messages coming from out of the Spiritual. Here again mankind proves itself to be its own worst enemy. We should no longer try to hold the Creator responsible for our own failings in this matter. We are to blame. We are the ones who have rendered ourselves incapable of being helped.

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