Why are we in this world?

The inner core of man is spirit. That is his real essence. The body is only a cloak or covering which the spirit uses to work in the World of Matter and which he discards at physical death when the cloak no longer provides the radiations needed for the spirit to unite itself with it.

The origin of the spirit is the Spiritual Realm which lies above the World of Matter. The spirit started its journey there as an unconscious spirit germ. In all that is unconscious lies the innate desire to become conscious. This urge to become conscious can only be fulfilled by the spirit descending downwards into the lower-lying planes of matter and through its experiencing there, gradually through increased activity, attaining self-consciousness.

This process, however, cannot be attained through one earth-life but extends over many earth-lives and intermediate sojourns in adjacent planes to that of our gross material earth. In this continual process, a point will be reached at which, at particular stage of maturity, the spirit will no longer need to want or to remain in the planes of matter and increasingly direct its gaze upwards to its point of origin, called by us Paradise. With the ever increasing longing, the spirit glows ever brighter and little by little severs from the planes of matter and, as with a staircase, climbs up through the different planes till it returns as a spirit-flame to its spiritual home – Paradise.

In the parable of the prodigal son, our Lord Jesus Christ described this process to humanity at that time in pictorial form in a way and manner that people of that time could understand given their maturity. With the new revelation now given to us, however, the whole process can be explained in its entirety.

Although of very short duration, every earth-life is an important stepping stone for the spirit in its development towards maturity and it should be lived and experienced to its fullest. This experiencing, however, does not mean running after material possessions or drowning oneself in a sea of worldly passions and desires. It means taking life seriously, exerting oneself to the utmost in understanding the Will of The Creator as expressed in the Creation-Laws and, as a logical consequence, living these Laws. If we live His Laws we then know His Will; and in that knowledge lies the true happiness and the greatest joy that we as human spirits can ever experience.

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The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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