Why are reincarnations necessary?

In answering this question, we need to first understand the earth is given to us by the Almighty Father as a school. Let us call it “the school of life”. We are meant to develop in it and mature. On attaining the necessary maturity we are assured of ascent to the Eternal Gardens from where we came to the earth in the first place.

However, to attain this maturity, man needs more than one earth life. Man returns to the earth as often as necessary. But we return as human beings, not as plants or animals as these are of a different species from us. To attain the required maturity, we need to work and strive a little upwards in each life. Such development is the very purpose of every life on earth!

Through reincarnations the opportunities are presented to each of us to redeem the mistakes of past earth lives. This is another grace of God bestowed upon men. Even if men had remained inwardly good, they would still have to come to the earth repeatedly in order to mature but certainly not as often as has become necessary after the fall of man.

Reincarnation which many people deny today is a lawful happening in Creation that takes place day in day out across the globe!

Let me give an example. Some decades ago Therese Neumann lived in a part of Europe. At a point in her life she developed a phenomenon called stigmata. This means that she bore on her body wound marks similar to those borne by Jesus during His crucifixion. The wounds on the lady bleeds and she was sometimes drenched in her own blood while she lay on her bed in agony. The pains are aggravated when medicaments are applied to the wounds. Many people come from far and wide on pilgrimage to where she stays. During this she hears in spirit talk about the crucifixion in dialects of the language of that time to the amazement of language experts.

When asked about this matter, the Author of the Grail Message made it clear that the soul concerned had been on earth before. She was in the past one of those that reviled Christ as He suffered on the cross. She had been permitted to come to the earth this time to settle accounts. Through reincarnation this soul was given another opportunity to recognize her faults and to ask for forgiveness, this being the only way to deliverance!

Therefore, no man lives only once on earth! We come again and again, until we have learned to be such that can be re admitted back to Paradise. That is the key to the understanding of all earth life!

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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