What is the task of woman on earth?

It is the Will of God that woman, the female human being, should come to life in the work of Creation as a mediator, as a channel for the currents and streams of His benevolent power that will ensure a firm connection for mankind with the Will of God as expressed in the Laws of Creation.

It is therefore important for our [readers] to know right away that neither marriage nor motherhood happens to be the primary purpose of the woman’s existence on earth.

Hitherto, and indeed for millennia, the figure and concept of womanhood has been debased mainly because of the abject lack of spiritual knowledge regarding the evolution of the woman in the work of Creation. The allegories of the Adam and Eve story in the Bible regarding the fashioning of the woman from the rib of Adam have not been understood rightly and thus put in the right context. In effect, a vivid and instructive picture regarding the woman creature could not evolve.

Today it is now known that the woman is a unique spiritual creature just as her male counterpart. They are both ordained to work side by side, the woman passively the man actively in Creation. This joint working is make for harmony and balance to prevail in all human activity. It has now been revealed that for the sole purpose of serving as a connecting spiritual link with the currents of the Will of the Almighty that streams through the work of Creation the woman was granted a spiritual gift for this purpose. She bears this gift within her spirit and a great responsibility therefore devolves upon her to ensure that her thoughts, her words and her deeds always swing in purity and in obedience to the Laws of Creation.

With this aforementioned gift and in real terms the woman stands higher, spiritually, than her male counterpart. Furthermore, it is easier for her to perceive the Will of God in all situations and circumstances and to comply with It. With this she is obliged to lead an exemplary life.

Our [readers] should take note that being a woman means being conditioned for highest spiritual activity. An activity of mediation on earth and indeed in the higher Realms of Light beyond the earth. The focus and task of the woman is to always bring herself to stand under the pressure of the Will of God, perceive this Will aright with the help of the knowledge of the Laws of Creation and carry out the biddings of God’s Will.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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