What is the meaning of the Parable of the wicked tenants given by Jesus?

Over time, Bringers of Truth have suffered mockery and scorn, persecution and attack as a result of man’s stubbornness. Even to this day, human beings like to consider that they are too clever and too wise to accept the explanations of the Will of their Creator from His Messengers. This is more so because these Messengers are never the products of mankind’s great institutions of learning!

And so it was that even when the Love of the Almighty inclined to this earth in Jesus, mankind did not welcome Him. Despite all the good He did, He remained an annoyance to them and was rejected by many. By hating Jesus mankind sided with the Antichrist and it is a proof of their enmity to the Father Who sent Christ. The Son of God sums all these up when He spoke of the master who sent out his servants to collect what was due to him from his tenants. But instead of receiving the rents, the servants were scoffed and beaten before they were scornfully sent back empty handed!

When this parable is pointed out today, men try to gloss over it by calling it a mere parable! They prefer to believe that the main mission of Christ to the earth was to come and suffer and die for their sins and that it is a distinction conferred by God on His Messengers if they have to suffer in this manner, instead of regarding it as a crime on the part of mankind which is not willed by God!

And as if to negate this position and to warn the people of the dire consequences of their decision to reject Jesus as their Lord, the account from the Bible tells us that the master later sent his beloved son thinking that the tenants will respect him. In the parable we were not told that the master expects that his son will be killed. Instead, he sent his son in the hope that the tenants will listen to him! Instead of this, the wicked tenants killed him. Subsequently, the master destroys the tenants and gives the vineyard to others.

What this means in reality, however is that with the rejection and murder of Jesus, mankind became burdened with a terrible fate which is now being experienced in the World Judgement! The old covenant was annulled and now only those who pledge to serve The Almighty by living in accordance with the Truth will be partakers of the New Covenant with the Son of Man.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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