What is and how does the Law of Attraction work?

The Law of attraction stipulates that all that is similar will be attracted to each other. Sayings like “birds of a feather flock together”, and “like father like son” seem to reflect the workings of this Law.

For the human spirit, there is an inherent ability to attract things just as a magnet will attract metals. This Law of Nature ensures that man will not attract all sorts of things to itself in a wild confusion. To maintain strict order, this Law ensures that only what is similar to the nature of the human spirit is attracted to it.

In this, our thoughts, words, actions and even our aspirations play a very important part. So a person who lives in a particular state of mind will attract a similar reality to himself. For example a person who lives in perpetual fear of attack by enemies seen and unseen will eventually experience harassment in reality. In some cases this can lead to depression and serious mental illness!

One can on the other hand cooperate with the workings of this Law. For example, if you are a new business owner just starting out in your business and you desire that only those who are punctual and honest are those you require in that business- you start off by being punctual yourself. Pay yourself a salary and do not take company money anyhow. You will find that only those who have the same work style like you will be attracted to join you in the business. If you wish for a good spouse (wife/husband) you start out by becoming a better human being first and only a person that complements you will be attracted to you.

On a lighter note I tell my friends that if they want to conduct a quick experiment of this Law, all they need do is to invite about 40 people to a party. After a while during the party, they will find that people will seat in groups that depict their interests. People who work in the same place will move close to each other, those who enjoy talking about football will come together, and the beer drinkers will form separate circles!

You can work with this Law to change an undesired circumstance. For example, where a man decides that he is tired of alcohol abuse, he can start by forsaking the company of his drunkard friends and cultivate better friends. With this, his own lifestyle will change gradually in accordance with the measure of his inner change.

So, like will always attract like. And that is why this saying is true: show me your friends and I will tell you who you are!

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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