What does it mean to have other gods?

This question seeks an explanation of the very first of the Ten Commandments of God which says: “I am the Lord thy God! Thou shalt have no other gods but me!”

An easy going person may think that this Commandment is directed at idol worshippers, demon-worshippers and other similarly misguided ones. He pitifully thinks of these people without a thought that perhaps he is also an offender.

Let us consider: for many of us, material achievements, money, fame, power, and position means everything. Some place their spouse, children and family above all else for whom they can make any sacrifice. For some it is their health and fitness, for others it can be earthly pleasures. When we look deeply and closely at all of these, the persons in question actually love none other but themselves. This of course is idolatry pure and simple!

The Commandment strictly forbids and warns against it. And this is for our benefit! A person who in defiance of this Commandment places priorities on the things mentioned earlier can be likened unto a man who puts all his treasures on earth. When he passes on, he will remain bound to this earth instead of ascending to Paradise our eternal home. This is because all his thoughts and aspirations are focused on things which are on earth. He stands in danger of remaining earthbound and being swept along into the inevitable disintegration of all material substance which do not last forever but must disintegrate at a point in order to be formed anew. The human soul who is caught in this disintegration of matter will however suffer spiritual death and its name will be erased from the Book of Life!

By obeying this Commandment we are saved from this terrible fate! It is therefore necessary for man to regard this Commandment as a lifeline! Sadly man is easily carried away by many earthly matters which become a propensity that enslaves him. Whatever this earthly matter may be, once it takes the prime of place above the love for the Most High, it becomes man’s golden calf, a false deity or idol.

We obey this Commandment however, when we put God above all else not just in our imagination or mere words but deep in our hearts and soul in reverential love and pure devotion. This means abiding with the Truth and living accordingly. We thereby lay our treasures in heaven which is eternal as opposed to laying up treasures upon this transient earth. When we live our life this way, on leaving the flesh, we will be empowered to ascend to Paradise, the Kingdom of heaven.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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