What are the dangers of indecent exposure in dressing to women and girls?

In recent times men and women alike have expressed and voiced their concern over the culture of indecent dressing which is more prevalent among the younger generation. Some educational institutions have taken bold steps in this regard by having to stipulate such dressing standards that could be considered as acceptable.

It is certainly not difficult to establish that the whole matter is a pointer to falling spiritual and moral standards in the society. It is more disheartening to observe that the most visible culprits in this case are girls and women. Though we have come to know that womanhood mirrors, very accurately, the spiritual state of the environment where she is.

In the working of the Perfection and Love of God, the Creator, He imbued the spirit of man with two key endowments. These are the sense of beauty and the sense of shame among others. It is the Will of God that these two innate gems will serve the human creatures as a stabilising and steadying support in their maturing development in Creation. These two qualities are to be considered sacred and in all circumstances nothing should be done by the human being to weaken or undermine them. Rather the more these two gems shine and glow in radiance and lustre through virtuous living by girls and women the stronger the inner hold and poise.

It is the Will of God that the sense of shame should be alive and functional in the human being to prevent falling into immorality and sin. It is also the Will of God that the sense of beauty should be alive and vibrant to serve as a yard-stick to measure values.

The aforementioned gems have had to be disregarded or thrown away through fashion when half of the physical body that should be cloaked by girls and women is exposed for all to see; including children.

These two endowments of the soul permits us to see the perfection of God in the working and wealth of His Grace and His great Love in ensuring that man does not stumble or fall on earth.

When girls and women engage in the indecent exposure of their physical bodies through inappropriate dressing, sexual lust is induced in the opposite sex making for a pervasive corruption of the soul; of the spirit.

In spiritual terms, a girl or woman who remorselessly disregards or dispenses with the urgings of the sense of beauty and the sense of shame stands the risk of becoming a spiritual leper because the ugly spots from where virtues have been eaten away will dot and reflect all over her frame seen from Above.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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