There are no sentiments in business

These words are said usually in circumstances where someone has been unfairly treated in a business transaction. The person who has committed this act, often euphemistically referred to as “sharp practises”, excuses his behaviour by saying “there are no sentiments in business” or “business is business” or some such similar remark. People who speak and think like this would like to indicate with these words that in certain areas of human activity different rules operate which under normal circumstances in a different environment would be condemned and considered unworthy. An extreme example might be somebody who works in a tobacco factory but who, when he gets home, insists that his wife and teenage children should not smoke in his presence.

This dichotomy in thinking and separation of the public domain from the private domain is an artificial intellectual demarcation, which the person concerned has conveniently created for himself but which has no basis in reality. The only and ultimate reality is the Laws of Creation and the Will of He that set them in motion – the Creator, to whom all of us must answer. The Laws of the Creator, the Creative Will, do not care where a contravention of the Laws takes place whether at home or in the office.

It might be useful to summarise the process quickly here so that the picture is clear. Before any physical action is taken by any of us, there must always be a preceding intuitive or thought volition. It is this volition that is decisive for what happens to us in the future. The volition takes on form and is connected to us as its originator by an ethereal thread, which we cannot see with our physical eyes, but which nonetheless exists. Like a seed planted in a garden, this volition will also be planted in ethereal planes that adjoin this earth and there will grow in size and influence. It radiates back to its originator through this thread and attracts similar forms to it such that when it has grown to full size and it now closes its cycle it will return heavy laden to its creator and exercise a powerful influence on his ethereal environment, which in condensing, will likewise exert a similar influence on his physical surroundings. He will then live “under this cloud” until all the reciprocal actions will have played themselves out. If the seed was evil, the harvest will definitely and irrevocably be also evil and the creator of the originating thought will have to eat fully of this bitter harvest.

Business people, who in the past attained to their wealth through “sharp practises”, oftentimes will set up foundations or do charitable works as a way of making good for their past evil actions. Vaguely or even acutely in the case of some, they perceive that there surely will come a day of reckoning where they will be confronted with the final repercussions of their past actions. However, such acts of charity will do little to affect a change on the inbound karma if it is rooted only in fear and apprehension of what is to come and is only a ploy to “settle fate”. This is an exercise in futility and the sower will be forcibly and irrevocably confronted with the harvest of his seed.

The only way to mitigate or even completely dissolve the power of this returning karma, is through heartfelt regret and an inner change on the part of the perpetrator who now, because of his good volition, creates a protective barrier against the evil currents flowing back to him which will now just glance off him or affect only his outer circumstances in a peripheral manner.

God is not mocked.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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