The involvement of women in competitive sporting activities has been on the increase. Is this right for the woman’s make up?

Everything is wrong about the current rave of ladies and women taking to various competitive vigorous sporting activities, such as football, lawn tennis, boxing, athletics, wrestling etc.

It is deeply saddening too, that governments, corporate organisations and world citizens have given solid support and encouragement to a development that is a major travesty of the natural order and Will of God in Creation. This is one more way mankind is manifesting the tendency towards self-destruction.

The first problem is with womenfolk themselves. There exists, among many women, a confused understanding or out-right ignorance about the role The Creator, God Almighty, assigned to woman in Creation. Add to this state of affairs the misconceived and ill executed agitation for the liberation of women, and then you have the recipe or answer for the present situation where women want to compete and overtake men in sporting activities.

What is even worse is the deliberate exposure of the body (which should be sacred to everyone) by the women as they exhibit the vanity of being so called ‘sexy and strong’ in sports. This is another triumph of the darkness.

The answer, like in all else, lies in a careful observation of Nature. Man is bequeathed with a coarse, masculine and greater intellectual power because of his role to do outward battle in material Creation, and thereby protect and support the woman.

Woman on her part is bequeathed with a delicate intuitive ability and inner refinement because of her Creation-role to ennoble her environment, through maintaining the link or connection between mankind and the luminous heights. Woman is thereby given the all important role as the guardian of the flame of the preserving –and-upward leading longing for the Light.

By her presence, woman is meant to engage the thoughts and deeds of her generation towards all that is noble and pure. Here delicate intuitive ability places her half a step higher than man, spiritually speaking. It is this delicate intuitive endowment, this inner refinement, purity and grace of the woman, that is coarsened and endangered, and could ultimately be destroyed when women engage in vigorous sporting activities. They thereby not only lose their role in Creation, but also their worth before men.

Already we can see the manifestation of this danger in the noticeable outward stiffening of the physical bodies of those women who engage in tedious sporting activities. This is occurring because coarse physical exertions such as competitive sports alter the hormonal balance of the woman, being that those activities are not suited for her nature. This distortion can also affect the soul, and result in a subsequent birth on earth with masculine tendencies.

Men are not helping the situation by the encouragement and condonation they are giving to this aberration. The spiritual consequence is that man must struggle harder spiritually, and may totally lose spiritual focus, since the bridge, the woman, is being destroyed through sports and other intellectually tasking activities.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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