Should we pay attention to our dreams?

It is a well established fact that everybody dreams during sleep. Some remember their dreams vividly, while others do not. Dreams come about because when we sleep it is only the frontal brain, the seat of our intellect that sleeps. The body also merely relaxes; however man’s spirit, his real essence never sleeps.

In sleep we are unconscious of our surroundings, and we cannot experience consciously what goes on around us. But sooner or later we begin another form of experiencing, in another dimension, of our surroundings, and even witness past and future events. That is what we know as dreams.

The explanation is that when we are at sleep, there is a loosening of the radiation of the physical body. During dreams therefore, the inner man, the soul, which now becomes more sensitive to its finer surroundings then begins to experience. It may in-fact ‘move away’ from the physical body, although always tied to it by the ethereal cord, and go to distances and at speed that in earth day consciousness would have been thought impossible.

In a genuine dream we may be permitted to have a preview of events which are yet to take place on earth and in our vicinity. We may thereby receive messages or solutions to problems that have beset us, or simply a warning that may come symbolically or pictorially.

Such a true dream experience is intended to be a help to the human soul sojourning on earth; and if followed, many beneficial outcomes would follow. Unfortunately, like most good gifts from The Almighty to us, it is usually frittered away.

Many no longer have genuine dreams because wrong lifestyles, over indulgence in mind bending concoctions or intellectually overburdening engagements, now interfere and becloud the dreams, giving us blurring pictures and sometimes a carry-over of our day conscious activities. Man therefore stands to deny himself of the help that otherwise would have reached him if his soul’s experiencing of dream had been allowed to manifest unimpeded by too much intellectual interferences.

All that notwithstanding, we should pay attention to our dreams for they could give indication of how we stand spiritually. We can never rise above our level, even in dreams. Our daily actions and prayerful observances of the Will of God in Creation will however predispose us towards experiences of such beneficial dreams that will always come as revelations and worthy guidance. Also one should be careful about receiving tidings from the dark regions, because according to law, like will always attract like.

Our dreams therefore could really be of immense help, and it is therefore advisable to pay attention to them.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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