Revenge could be sweet, is this statement really true?

Let us just say firstly that it is not all things adjudged by man to be sweet that may also ultimately lead to man’s spiritual welfare. Revenge falls into the category of such sweet things, as you termed it, but which could bring severe spiritual harm to man.

A vengeful and unforgiving heart brings greater burden to the owner than a relief against the object of the vengeance. Sensitive ones would feel great inner discomfort whenever they have to nurse an intention to take revenge over a prior harm done to them. Usually it would cause them severe inner battle; and this condition is even made worse after the so called act of revenge.

When we seek to revenge, we invariably bring ourselves down to the low level of the antagonist; and this antagonist may really not know any better, and may have been acting out his or her low level of spiritual standing. In seeking to revenge therefore the danger lurks by the corner that we may lower our spiritual standing, and even smear our spiritual cloak with dirty mud from the surroundings of the offending person.

When we read the statement ‘do not revenge, vengeance is mine, says the Lord’, it is to assure us that the minute reckoning of the Laws of Creation take care of every action, good or bad, done to us. It is an immutable order in creation that everyone definitely must reap, and in multiples, the consequences of his act; either here on earth in flesh and blood, or in the Great Beyond, in his soul body. There is no escape.

Where however the need exists for necessary reaction to an offending act it should be carried out with the dignity befitting of a conscious human spirit, who is not seeking to act out the role of the Spiritual Laws of God, but only correcting and helping a fellow human being. Care then should be taken in such a situation to carry out whatever corrective actions may be adjudged necessary without bitterness and hatred.

Where bitterness comes in there would arise the danger of being spiritually burdened, for anger and bitterness would send out evil living forms into creation, and these may be attracted by other similar forms, and their effect could then do severe harm to a wider circle of human beings. Whereas a forgiving spirit automatically puts an end to one’s involvement in the chain of actions that must follow the wrong act, leaving the offender alone to reap fully the returning evil currents or harvests from his or her wrong deeds.

So, while we should do everything possible not to encourage evil, we also should allow the Laws of Creation to avenge on our behalf. That will not only be sweeter but also spiritually safer.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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