It is said that foreign foods are unhealthy for man’s body. Is this right?

It will not be possible, nor is it even advisable, to lay down general rules about food and nourishment, for always, man’s individuality and free will must be respected. This question however calls forth the need to say a few things about man’s physical body and the way it could be beneficially nourished with foods.

There is a spiritual injunction to the effect that man shall give to the healthy body what it needs. This is because the physical body is the most precious possession which man has received for his time here on earth. The reference here to ‘the healthy body’, reminds us of the primary duty to ensure that our physical body is kept healthy, instead of the common practice of remembering it only when it is sick or gives us pain signals.

The value of the physical body is also underscored in the fact that man’s spirit only makes contact with its surroundings, and therefore able to work responsibly on earth, only through the instrumentality of the physical body. The spirit uses the physical body as its key instrument for the accomplishment of its tasks on earth.

Each man’s physical body is, in every respect, closely linked with that soil upon which he was born. It is also connected with all the stars of this particular region and with all the radiations that belong thereto. In this way, only that part of this earth gives the body exactly what it needs to blossom forth properly and remain vigorous. The earth also provides the gifts of Nature at the proper time and in the manner in which man’s physical body needs them; all adapted to the place of man’s birth.

As such, foods, including herbs, and fruits all come in their due seasons, and are advantageous and up-building for the human body at that time when the earth produces them. At those times, the body needs just such nourishment as is provided by that zone in which it came into existence, and with which it remains continuously connected.

If therefore, education, business occupation and other circumstances took man away to a foreign land, it is then necessary that the basis for the feeding of the body must be that provided by the zone where it was born.

There is perfection in Creation- up to even the places of birth and colour of earthmen. Man must respect and honour this Creation-Order if he wants to remain healthy both physically and spiritually.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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