How did evil come into Creation? Why did the Creator allow it?

In answering this question one must first be aware of one thing: evil is to be found only in the world of matter not in the Spiritual World.

The world of matter was made over to man as a learning ground so that coming from the spiritual as an unconscious spirit germ it could slowly attain to self consciousness through experiencing and return back to its spiritual home, paradise, as a fully conscious spiritual being.

The human spirit, being of a spiritual nature, is endowed with the quality of free will, that is, it can choose in which direction it wants to go. The human spirit coming from the spiritual is by virtue of its origin is the only being that can link up with the spiritual currents flowing through this part of Creation. The task of the human spirit in creation is to absorb these currents and use them beneficially for the upliftment of the world of matter.

Unfortunately the human spirit instead of using this power for the upliftment of itself and creation in accordance with the Creator’s Will which is expressed in His laws, decided to go its own way and disregard the clearly laid down paths set out by the Creator for him to follow. The first and gravest transgression of the Creator’s Laws by man is his over-development of his intellect which was given him by the Creator as a tool for earthly existence. Because man wanted to amass material things he concentrated upon the development of his earthly intellect to such an extent that the intellect instead of becoming the spirit’s tool now started to take a dominant role and instead of following the impulses from the spirit expressed through our intuition now started to give instructions and give the lead.

In matters of a material strictly physical nature the intellect is in its right place. Wherever however issues to do with life, to do with all that is living is concerned, where the spirit has to give the lead, the intellect will fail. This failure we see around us in clearly visible form – hate, strife, greed, lust, war environmental pollution, hunger and disease – these are the fruits of the intellect or one should say the misguided intellect which is no longer being steered by the spirit.

The overdevelopment of the intellect by man is the serpent described in the bible that always comes up with the question “did God really say this or that…” i.e. the voice of doubt which always wants to go its way and not follow the dictates of God. The overdevelopment of the intellect finds its clear physical manifestation in the sizes of man’s two brains. The big brain the cerebrum is the seat of the intellect while the small brain the cerebellum acts as a bridge for the spirit to link to the cerebrum. The extensive use of the big brain has led through physical hereditary over time to the growth of the cerebrum, the intellect. Correspondingly because the spirit has been neglected, the cerebellum, the immediate link for the spirit to the physical, has had a stunted growth and now only functions as an unreliable dream-brain.

The hereditary sin referred to in the bible is this overdevelopment of the intellect which genetically is inherited and carries within it the danger that as soon as the child grows to an adult age the intellect will exert an overbearing influence and again and again suppress the spirit’s development.

The Creator, since he has given the spirit the ability of free will, is not going to act against His own Laws and stop the human spirit from exercising its free will. It is only through exercising its free will that the human spirit can develop and mature.

However in the new age that has now started spiritual power of an unprecedented nature has entered into and has been anchored into our part of Creation the effects of which are already clearly manifesting. Human spirits who no longer want to live in accordance with the Will of God in Creation will through the power of these cleansing spiritual currents find themselves unable to consciously exist in Creation any longer because the spiritual currents will only further what swings in the Will of God. All else will be excluded and destroyed.

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