Is there any reference in the Scriptures for the celebration of Christmas? If not, why do we celebrate Christmas?

The problem really is with what we call ‘celebration of Christmas’, not with Christmas itself. As it stands today, mankind is far removed from the true celebration of Christmas!

Christmas represents to us the Love and Grace of the Almighty Father, Our Creator, which was made manifest through permitting us the direct incarnation of the Word of Truth, in flesh, in the personality of Jesus Christ! It was a special Act of Love and Act of Emergency, to stave off and push back the menacing grip of the darkness and evil upon mankind. It was indeed because of the grip of the darkness upon mankind, and the consequential spiritual indolence that made many unable to recognise the birth of Christ; except for the few which included the shepherds and the three wise men from the East. Others were simply oblivious of the momentous and deeply significant happening; which even the elements and hosts of Angels were celebrating. The scriptures therefore could not record about an event which was not experienced by mankind consciously.

To make worse a bad situation, the present day celebration of Christmas is, at best an indulgence in earthly pleasures of eating, drinking and selfish merriments, with little thought, if any spared for the high mission and fulfilment which Christ’s birth represents.

The true celebration of Christmas is in first recognising the true mission of Christ, which is bringing mankind the Word of Truth; and then in striving to understand and live in accordance with the Truth. It should be a daily activity; not one to be expressed only in December, of every year.

In this regard, the emphasis should shift from whether Christ was born on the 25th of December or not; and whether the day was a day previously used to worship a so called sun-god or not. The emphasis should be on recognising and uniting with the true mission of Christ. Christ came as a help from The Almighty Father, in the Word of Truth; a help which in Strengthening Love, supports and unites with the Works of the Prophets, and now re-established and finally consolidated through the Words of The Grail Message! Everyone must confront the Word of Truth, either wilfully or by force through the operations of the Laws of Creation, which express the Will of God. In this sense, Christmas becomes the celebration of The Love of God for all His Creatures irrespective of creed and race.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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