Is the Law of Gravity a spiritual or a scientific law? And how does it work in the world?

This Law presents to us as both scientific and spiritual Law. Let me give you a simple example of the scientific aspect: When we place a piece of iron bar and a feather into a bowl of water as an experiment, we find that the iron bar goes straight to the bottom of the bowl because of its heavy weight while the feather will float for reason of its lightness.

In the non-physical we observe this law for instance when we have deep concern for an issue and we express this by saying that our heart is heavy or that we are weighed down. This also happens when we have done something bad. On the other hand, noble activities give us joy and at the same time we feel very light and blissful.

All the examples we have discussed here are the simple effects of the Law of Gravitation which as a fundamental Law of Creation works with the other Laws to maintain strict order in the Universe. This Law of Gravity not only determines the level at which each realm finds itself in creation, it also determines the realm in which each human being finds itself.
For human beings, the less pure a person is, the heavier he is. On earth, he will be a sad man, feeling weighed down by his invisible and sometimes visible load of sin! He will be burdened with guilt from his wicked acts and omissions. On leaving the flesh, he will sink to the dark regions of the beyond because he is heavy.

Such a soul will not be able to rise from this World of Matter. Now the World of Matter is transient and moves in a cycle of coming into existence, ripening and then disintegration and reformation. Through his heaviness the base soul remains chained to the World of Matter since by his attitude he has declared that only material things are of value. In the long run he will be drawn with the World of Matter into disintegration. This is spiritual death! Equivalent to effacement from the Book of life!

On the other hand, the purer the human being is, the lighter it is. Such a soul strives for spiritual maturity and obeys the Laws of God joyfully. On earth, such a man will be blessed with true joy and happiness, and when he leaves the flesh, he rises high and higher in the beyond because of the lightness of his spirit. This will ultimately lead him to Paradise the Abode of the blessed spirits who are saved from the danger of being destroyed along with the world.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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