Is the black race really cursed?

Every people, race and nation on earth has their unique role and place to fulfil; and in this fulfilment no one nation or race may look upon another as inferior or less valuable.

The black race has its peculiar unique qualities which are necessarily lacking in all the other races. As such the black race brings forward her unique qualities as a complementary attribute to other comity of nations, just as other nations also bring forth their unique qualities into the union of nations.

What is required is that all nations should co-operate in harmony and love with one another; and avoid acts of selfishness and oppression – that is, situations of taking advantage of another nation or looking upon a nation and her people as less important or inferior.

Every race in the scheme of Creation-happening is important in its uniqueness; and should strive to understand and fulfil the Will of God in all things. Once this level of recognition is achieved it will dawn on all that some of the so-called achievements of other people may count as useless waste of human energy in real development terms, as long as they did not conform with the dictates of the Will of God!

Real development comes through the activity of an alive human spirit, conscious of the mechanism of the Laws of Creation. Usually the product of such a human spirit will cross boundaries of what we call races and nations and benefit all because Creation, as such, is one. All nations or races are meant to stand side by side in harmonious co-operation; and not one above the other. They are meant to be like the separate keys of the piano- which bring forth beautiful musical sound when played together.

Finally, when we also remember the fact of reincarnation which is a truth of life, then we must realise that one person born in a precious earth life into a white race can come back into a black race in a next earth life.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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