Is sports spiritually beneficial?

The physical cloak, which we carry around with us, is a gift from the Creator and the most important tool given to us to allow us fulfill our purpose in the world of Gross Matter. As such, we have a responsibility to take good care of this cloak.

Besides the right choice of food and drink, the body also needs movement, which with the present humanity has found expression in certain types of physical exercises. Running, jumping, swimming, gymnastics, boxing, tennis, squash, golf, football, basketball etc. all have arisen or at least explain their reason for coming into being with their beneficial effects on the health of the individual especially his physical body. One hears often enough too, the adage “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Taking a closer look at the situation in which “sport” is now in and the effects it has on the physical body and the mental outlook of the practitioners of sport however, doubts arise whether the real reason for its existence has not been totally forgotten. Sport nowadays creates two groups – the players and the onlookers.

The onlookers do not participate in the action. They sit and watch others doing it for them and celebrate vicariously their victories and defeats. The practitioners on the other hand live an unreal life in which year in year out they over exert their physical bodies to such an extent that in some cases like that of football, boxing and tennis by the age of 33 the body has become totally overused and in some cases wrecked permanently.

The focus in sports has shifted away from “a healthy mind in a healthy body” to making money at all cost. Sport has become a multi-million endeavour and mind-boggling sums are bandied around about the net worth of the practitioners, the kind of cars they drive, the houses they live in, the number of marriages etc.

Besides these issues, there are other more fundamental ones. Sport and or physical exercise as we now have it, for the most part concentrate on a specific part of the body and neglect the whole. “A healthy spirit in a healthy body” however will control all parts of the body and move them together in a harmoniously swinging unity where, as should be the case in all things, the spirit takes the lead and the body follows.

The greatest and highest form of physical exercise there is, is the one in which at all times the spirit is in control of the body and this takes a great deal of effort and is not as simple as many may think. It means that your sitting posture, the way you carry yourself when walking, movement of hands body and feet etc. must express the complete control that your spirit has over your body and will be seen and appreciated by all in the smooth and flowing manner in which you carry yourself. This is high art and a goal, which each person striving for spiritual maturity must do his/her best to achieve.

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The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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