Is physical resurrection possible?

Just as in the case of Lazarus, if the spirit which is attached to the physical body through the silver cord, which is like an umbilical cord, has not detached completely after physical death then a higher power, like the Son of God Jesus, can recall the spirit back into the body. But the physical body that has been completely discarded by the spirit cannot be resurrected. The Laws of Creation which are also the manifestation of the The Will of God are perfect and what is perfect does not need change and cannot be changed.

It is also impossible to take the physical body into the beyond. Just as the spirit needs the physical body to operate on earth that is how the spirit also needs cloaks or a body consistent with the nature of the beyond to operate in that environment. We only take on the body on earth to experience and mature so we can go back home to Paradise as conscious human spirits. The physical body is only useful here on earth.

We should be careful not be become too attached to what is material in order not to bind ourselves. The focus on what is purely material and the denial of the existence of the beyond can result in a human spirit becoming earthbound. The human spirit also becomes deaf, dumb, crippled and unable to function in the beyond because while on earth he or she refused to acknowledge that the beyond exists but instead loves only what is material. This is the reason why some people experience a prolonged death struggle and why many are earthbound.

It is also dangerous to seek to resurrect a physical cloak by recalling the spirit because this is an interference with a natural process and can bind the spirits of all those involved. The Son of God, who by virtue of who He is knew that Lazarus could be recalled without harming Lazarus and without trying to circumvent the Laws, knew that the spirit was still attached to the body and be recalled in accordance with the Laws of His Father.

Which human being can claim to know the Laws of God like His Son Jesus Christ? Which human being can do these things as naturally as He did and not burden themselves or bind themselves?  The Son of God had a clear survey, has a complete understanding of the Laws of the Will of His Father and therefore He could carry out activities in accordance with the perfection of the Laws. Human beings, on  the other hand, cannot do this. We all should learn to be simple.

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