Is it true that earthly possessions can prevent man from going back to Paradise?

Ever since the recorded words of Jesus Christ to His Disciples to the effect that ‘a rich man will hardly enter the Kingdom of Heaven’, the wrong interpretation has been spread that it means riches and earthly possessions are not good for anyone striving to go back to Paradise; man’s spiritual Home.

The encounter Christ had with the rich young ruler in the recorded account in the scriptures was an isolated case of a personal advice which Christ gave to the man, as an individual. This was because Christ was able to perceive that his riches and possessions had become impediments towards his spiritual salvation. It was not meant to be a general counsel to all and sundry not to possess wealth or riches.

Wealth and earthly possessions could actually facilitate one’s spiritual fulfilment, if the one who is blessed with it realises the purpose of the wealth, and then applies it to satisfy the valuable purpose.

The earth is part of material Creation, and therefore demands the use of material resources, most of which are things money and other earthly possessions could solve or fulfil.

The challenge for man, however, is always to strive to maintain a balance between spiritual striving or living a spiritually conscious existence and the acquisition and use of wealth and other earthly possessions. In other words, it is the one sided acquisition of earthly wealth and resources that could bring spiritual harm and hinder the human spirit’s journey back to Paradise.

Also, it could become spiritually harmful when the acquisition of earthly riches and possessions is fired by greed, and develops into a propensity. In such a situation, man becomes possessed by his material possessions, and no longer finds a higher meaning in life other than the unguarded acquisition of earthly riches and possessions.

One more point to mention. Often the wealthy person may want to donate part of the wealth to a cause; but such a person should ensure too that it is a worthy cause, because every sowing of seed ties the sower to the harvests from the seeds sown. A rich man, who promotes chaos, and sponsors thugs and terrorism, would ultimately reap painful and disastrous spiritual fruits.

So in conclusion, wealth is good, but attaches great responsibilities to the one who possesses it!

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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