Is homosexuality a natural phenomenon?

Some people claim that they are born as homosexuals. Some countries have promulgated laws to permit homosexual marriages and some churches have permitted same in their fold. But is homosexuality a natural phenomenon? The answer is a definite no. A number of things can give rise to this unnatural state. Firstly, some have wilfully surrendered to Lucifer to the extent that they fall to levels far below that of the animal. So, they act in the most shameless of ways.

Secondly, it must be noted that mankind is not just the physical body. The inner core is spirit. The type of activity the spirit chooses on its very first incarnation into this world determines the outward cloak it gets. For those who work in a delicate and quiet manner, they feature as females and those whose activities are more coarse and energetic are incarnated in male forms.

But the form of the body can be changed as soon as the indwelling spirit changes its activity. This change does not happen immediately but happens in later incarnations. This is however unnatural and comes about due to a distortion of the souls involved. It is common these days to hear some women say: “it is a man’s world. If I have to come to this world again, I will be a man!” If they persist, they are in danger of becoming distorted and may actually be forced later to live upon this earth in a male body!

Therefore, we see today a person who on the outward has a female form but the dweller inside is a weak/distorted male spirit who in his former lives has deviated too much from the pure male thinking and activity! The converse is also true in that we see a person who on the outward has a male form but the operating entity within is a distorted female spirit. It may happen that the distorted man who now walks the earth in a female body does not want to be with men but seeks companionship with women. So, on the surface it appears as if two females are attracted but in reality it is a distorted man in female cloak getting close to a woman. The same goes for the distorted woman who now parading as a man is drawn to men and it will appear as if two men are getting together.

In conclusion, those who are involved in homosexuality through their wilful misconduct and those living as distorted souls will learn through painful experiences. The way open for them is to repent of their stubbornness and redirect themselves to the right path lest they become eternally lost!

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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