Is a marriage a failed marriage if it is childless?

It is true that different people have different reasons for going into marital relationships. But not withstanding these different reasons, marriage should be understood in that context for which Creation has ordained it.

Marriage should, first and foremost, be a voluntary union between a mature man and a mature woman. It does not involve any third parties, be they children, brothers, sisters or parents.

The primary purpose of such union should be to afford the partners an opportunity for mutual joyful experiencing and spiritual maturity. They achieve this through their mutual selfless love and service to each other! In this mutual experiencing the partners in a marriage are meant to jointly and courageously face all challenges and cherish every triumph.

Child bearing and children do not form the core reason for marriages. They constitute a secondary occurrence, which if handled with all sense of responsibility could bring immense spiritual benefits to the married couple.

Where however the circumstances of a marriage, or the spiritual fate of the couple, dictate that no child shall come through the acts of procreation of the partners that too should be accepted with gratitude to God Almighty. Man should always bear in mind that in the scheme of spiritual happenings, every circumstance or situation, brings along beneficial spiritual consequences. We reap bountifully from these benefits if we experience the situation knowingly and with childlike gratitude to The Creator.

Sometimes the reason for a childless marriage could be the result of past acts done in previous earth lives. A typical example would be persons who yielded to the pressure to commit abortions; and also those who maltreated children in their past lives. Such persons may be denied child birth in a future earth life as a redemptive experience; following the dictates of the Spiritual Law of Sowing and Reaping.

In effect, such childless marriage would amount to a beneficial redemptive experience if the couple goes through it with deep understanding and joy. It does not render the marriage less valuable in Creation, irrespective of what society may think.

In appropriate cases, and with necessary maturity, such couple could extend their heart of love to another child who does not have parents, through the process of child adoption. Such adoption which brings love and care to another soul holds great potentials as additional avenue to redeem one’s past spiritual errors or karma.

In a nutshell therefore the value of a marriage rests in the beneficial spiritual experiences the partners can call forth, but does not depend on whether or not it produces children. As long as the marriage partners love and selflessly serve each other, their union will bring them spiritual benefits, and remain sanctioned before the Laws of Creation.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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