In many cultures and communities, woman is treated as an inferior and weak companion. Is this right?

This is an issue that is as old as most known cultures and has survived up till date, casting a long shadow over all man’s claim to civilisation and advancement. It is wrong to treat woman as if she is inferior to man or to relegate her to a low estimation and position.

On the contrary, woman is endowed by the Creator with inner strength of intuition that elevates her to be psychically stronger than man. She is indeed equipped with a spiritual and physical make-up not only to attract new souls to the earth but also to act a vessel through which streams of light, uplifting creative currents and waves of luminous power could reach all creatures which stand in accordance of the Will of God. This attribute makes woman a queen and demands that she should be accorded all delicate consideration and respect by man.

That the contrary is the case today shows the level of decay and downfall, spiritually speaking, which has overtaken humanity. The early interpreters of the Scriptures contributed greatly to this ugly state of affairs when they tried to understand the story of woman being made from the rib of man as if it meant literally that man conceded to allow the woman to come into existence by donating a minor organ. Indeed, not even an organ but a minor part of his chest. This wrong interpretation has spread into cultures and attitudes of men.

In reality, however, what was rendered in the Scriptures was not meant to be interpreted in an earthly, purely gross-material or physical sense. It was a rendering of a spiritual happening showing how the first spiritual forms or essence naturally separated itself in the ethereal beyond before our first incarnation on earth as male and female. The active coarser spiritual separated itself first and become the masculine and rougher man of today whose task, amongst others, is to protect and provide for the woman. Then the finer, less active spiritual separated itself to become the tender, delicate feminine vessel with her correspondingly stronger intuitive ability than that of the masculine vessel. In this way, the man and the woman are meant to compliment each other to bring unity and harmony into the Creation. Each also living faithfully in the fulfilment of allotted tasks.

Eventually, the time is here when every human culture and civilisation will be judged as high or low according to the degree of recognition, respect and honour it accords to the womenfolk and to the position of woman in Creation.

The higher a culture and people stand spiritually the better and nobler their treatment of woman and womanhood. The lower a culture and people stand spiritually the more they would disrespect and dishonour woman and womanhood.

The woman herself can through a dignifying attitude and graceful carriage engender more respect, honour and regard from the menfolk.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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