How does a woman keep herself faithful to get the right husband?

As genuine as the concern behind this question may seem, it has to be clearly stated however, that a woman’s faithfulness should not be focused on the object of getting a right husband or in becoming a mother. As blissful as a marital relationship may be, it should be pointed out right away that marriage is not a pre-condition for spiritual salvation.

It is wrong, and in fact, a debasement of womanhood to see woman only as an object of marriage and child-bearing. Woman has a bigger and loftier role in Creation.

Woman is created with a much enhanced delicacy of intuitive ability because she acts to protect the longing for the Light, and all that is noble and pure in human creatures. In other words, woman’s highest task on earth is to ennoble her surroundings and ensure a continuous flow of radiation; of pure living power from Above! This is a very high and sacred duty for woman, which at the same time is tied to the over-all spiritual welfare of all mankind. Therefore the true faithfulness of woman is to be measured by the degree of fulfilment of this high task which Creation has bestowed on her.

One of the pre-occupations of earthly woman should be to protect her delicacy of intuition, especially by avoiding coarse and too masculine lifestyles and activities. It is also a dishonouring and debasement when woman is pushed to accept that her highest goal on earth is mother-hood, the same goal which lower animals also accomplish even much better. This was one of the weapons which Lucifer used in subjugating earthly womanhood; and with Lucifer’s triumph, earthly womanhood and entire humanity stand in danger of spiritual fall.

It is also true that motherhood and marriage could bring beautiful fulfilment for woman, but this also has to be fulfilled in the way willed by God. In her home, a woman could become queen through enveloping all with love and delicacy of being. She could also act as a strong support and source of strength to man through her connection to a higher source of power. Where she fulfils this role well, the man is strengthened to face every day obstacles and challenges with gallantry; and be compelled to provide and protect the woman, as a natural cause of being.

Woman can only fulfil this high task when she pushes aside vanity, which makes her shameless and a plaything for fashion; and adopts grace and inner purity.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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