How can we recognise the Anti-Christ when he comes?

The best and easiest way to recognise the Anti-Christ is by having a thorough appreciation of what the Anti-Christ is and how it manifests. Simply put, the Anti-Christ is the effort which has taken on form in Creation to oppose the Will of God in all Its effort to bring redemption and salvation to man through the Word of Truth. Behind the effort stands Lucifer himself as Anti-Christ in person. He, Lucifer, is the real enemy of God and acquired the name of Anti-Christ through his hostile struggle with against the mission of the Son of God.

But it must be recognised also that in this warfare against the Will of God and the mission of the redemption of mankind, Lucifer makes use of many willing men and women.

At that time when Christ was on earth, Lucifer’s henchmen were the leaders and representatives of the earthly religions. The true message of God which Christ brought could not be reconciled with their activities because they set up structures of priestly dignitaries which were aimed at earthly power, influence and expansion. In that sense, they proved themselves to be servants of the earthly intellect which knows only about earthly conquests and dominion, and they thereby distanced themselves from the spiritual welfare of mankind.

The situation has also not changed in any significant manner even up till date. The same Anti-Christ with a far greater human following, including influential men in various earthly religions, is striving to retain dominion over the earth and to go on obscuring the true Will of God by turning the spiritual gaze of mankind away from the path towards salvation in the Word of Truth.

The Anti-Christ, therefore, is already here with us but will however symbolically raise his head, which means to come to the zenith of his activities before the judgement. At the time of the intense purification of the earth and the consequential destruction of all wrongly erected structures of earthly influence and power, the Anti-Christ, through those who are his willing tools, will even so vehemently try to retain and maintain himself on the throne which intellectually motivated mankind so willingly offered him.

Each one should therefore maintain deep inner spiritual watchfulness and make the ultimate decision of his existence – salvation or destruction. Salvation implies obedience to the Will of God through the knowledge of Truth and separation of oneself from intellectual domination

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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