How can one liberate himself from family curses, and the sins of his parents?

One hears now and then of the statements and allusions to the harmful manifestations of curses in one’s life which are said to originate from the family. The same way it is often believed and stated here and there that the sins of the parents could be visited on the children and generations yet unborn.

Upon a casual observation, these statements may seem to be correct, but when one is equipped with a living knowledge and understanding of the mechanism of the Natural Laws of Creation, one would then realise that it cannot be correct to accept these statements as true.

What looks like a general curse or curses affecting families is the visible manifestation of the Natural Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species which ensures that all human spirits who deserve similar experiences are grouped in their homogeneity in a family; or are attracted and gathered under parents or similar Homogeneity where outwardly it would appear they are reaping the sins of such parents, but in actual fact, everyone in the fold, father, mother, and children – are reaping, each person, his or her own harvest of past deeds individually.

The Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species, just as other Spiritual Laws of Creation, works in an accurate and automatic way. It will make sure that a pregnant woman would attract a soul from the Beyond which has a lot of homogeneity or closeness in nature with either the pregnant woman herself, her husband or generally with the peculiarities of the family as a whole. That is why it is often easy to point at a child and say …”he or she must be from family A or B”.

This situation of Attraction of Similar Species also occurs even with healthy habits, talents and other endowments. Of course, no one complains when the mutual homogenous gathering brings joy, peace and progress; it is only when it brings pain and challenges that we hear of family curses and reaping the sins of parents.

The consolation however is that we should remember that every situation, if experienced with faithful trust in the Omnipotence and Omniscience of God Almighty, would bring redemption.

Then if supported with a purity of volition and resolve never to bring harm to others in thoughts, words and deeds, then one will soon come to the end of the hardship and experience liberation; which will mark the natural end of the so called curses.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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