Does God rest? Please explain the statement in Genesis about God resting on the 7th day?

The Creation stories as given or rendered in the Scriptures are accounts given as pictorial or allegorical presentations. They are not to be interpreted literally.

As now revealed, what we call the Creation of the world took millions or billions of years, and each segment taking several thousands of years to evolve. Perhaps it will be better appreciated, if, instead of the word, ‘world’, we use ‘Universe’; because the Universe consists of the entire material Creation, including the Stars, the Sun, the Galaxies , and then also, the Earth, and all that exists in the limitless space.

It is difficult to imagine and appreciate, as a human being, the vastness of the Universe. Our earth is only a small part of the whole Universe, and yet even our small earth seems quite incomprehensible. Then also, there are vast portions of Creation which are outside the Universe, such as the Primordial Spiritual and the Spiritual realms—parts of Creation which are Eternal.

The point being made therefore is that the actual work of creating this vast Universe did not take place within seven earth days as depicted in the account given in the Book of Genesis; rather each of those days – one to—six – should be seen as representing epochs.

As such , the separation of dry lands from the waters also took several millions of years; the same way as the natural vegetations and the evolution of man himself.

The spiritual import of resting on the 7th day , for man on earth, is to guide him to the recognition of the need to devote time for spiritual contemplation, true worship of God Almighty and to be intuitively awake.

It is a way to remind us that one’s pursuit should not be material and mundane only, but should also have deep spiritual component, leading to spiritual development and maturity.

A seventh day of rest or worship does not mean one should put aside everything about his spiritual welfare all the other days, and only attend to them on a particular day. It means remembering to keep in focus also the spiritual purpose of an earth life always.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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