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Intercourse between a man and woman

I once heard it said before that if a man sleeps with a woman without having love for her, he has committed a sin. I don’t understand this.

The issues of love, marriage and human sexuality has been a riddle to mankind for generations. Through the Grail Message, we begin to understand the truth in the popular saying that “God is Love”.

Man as a creature was given the spiritual gift of love as a help. Man expresses this love here on earth in ennobling and uplifting his earthly environment. Also, in helping his fellow human beings and in loving his neighbour as himself. Love should not be seen merely as that which finds expression between a man and a woman. Love helps man as a spur to achieve great accomplishments, to overcome weaknesses and symbolically redeem evil Karma.

In love, man’s best qualities come to the fore while his weaknesses retreat. Love is such a special help for man, it makes him humble and feel unworthy of the loved one. If man yields to true and pure love, it can lead him back to his spiritual home, paradise.

Man was created in male and female gender forms with each gender complementing the other. Every specific individual male or female also has peculiar attributes which are complemented by other individuals of the opposite sex.
With the development of physical maturity at puberty, the power of love is awakened in the adolescent. This, he must gradually learn to control and use as an aid for his further development and maturity and for the ennoblement of his environment.

Each physically mature man and woman tends to be attracted to persons of the opposite sex based on the complimentary attributes. Other causes of attraction could be mutual experiences in previous earth lives, present earth life and in some cases, superficial reasons which may include material gain or physical beauty. Man should be guided by his intuition or conscience not by intellectual or material considerations. He should be drawn by inner beauty, not by physical beauty.

A physically and emotionally matured man desires and needs a close union with a partner of the opposite sex that could complement him. The basis for this union is pure love, spiritual harmony and agreement between the two. Where this condition is fulfilled, the two are considered as married before the Laws of God. They only go to court, church, mosque etc in order to be considered as married before the laws of man (which is also important).

In their mutual experiencing and supporting one another, such a truly married couple are always a great beauty to behold; they stand out as shining examples. They form a healthy environment for the right development of children.

A priest, pastor etc. can bless the union of the two but he cannot unite them. They are already united in marriage before coming to the priest. If two partners do not love one another and a priest or pastor blesses them in marriage, such marriage can only be valid in the eyes of men. They remain unmarried before the Laws of God.

Sexual intercourse between two adults of opposite sex is a natural, healthy requirement of the physically and emotionally matured physical body. It is necessary for procreation. The basis for sexual intercourse is pure love and spiritual harmony i.e true marriage which is different from earthly institutional marriage.

Sexual intercourse however should not arise from artificial stimulation through bad literature, movies etc. It should also not be over-indulged as that also will be wrong.

Marriage between two individuals who do not love one another is a deceit. Its an abuse of the sacred gift of love. There is no basis for sexual intercourse between such couples. Such an intercourse will breed sorrow and if children should arise from it, they are likely to suffer the misery of being brought up by parents who do not love one another.

Sexual intercourse is a requirement of the physical body just as food, water and rest. It is based on the animal instinct which man inherits with his physical body. Man however is not animal in his core, he is spirit and the spirit doesn’t require sexual intercourse. Therefore, sexual intercourse doesn’t exist when man leaves his physical body in death and passes on to the beyond. An over cultivated sexual instinct may then form an impediment to his ascent to paradise where sexual activity doesn’t exist.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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