Can pagans attain paradise?

The way to paradise lies in recognising the Will of the Creator and obeying that Will. Profession of a particular faith or religion plays no role in this process. What is important is the extent to which the individual’s faith is genuine. As written in the bible it is not those who call out “Lord, Lord” but those who carry out the Will of the Creator who will attain to paradise. Adherence to a particular religion or faith plays no role here.

When the word “pagan” is used, it is often made in reference to peoples who believe in the existence of many gods. In the religious belief of the ancient Romans and Greeks for instance they recognised the existence of a variety of gods and goddesses who they connected with activities in nature and named accordingly. Traditional societies, including present day ones, where the people still live in close connection to nature all tend to evidence similar features – recognition of diverse gods and goddesses whose activity is linked to natural processes- the growing of crops, control of the weather, regulation of the seasons etc.

The truth of the matter is that there are nature beings who exist and whose area of activity is closely connected to all that which we call nature. These nature beings are servants of the Almighty. They tend to plants and crops, they guide the activity of rivers, seas and oceans. They are active in the natural processes going on deep down in the recesses of the earth. The strength and direction of the winds and currents is guided by them. In short, they maintain the necessary balance and harmony of nature. Their activity makes it possible for us to live on this earth.

Peoples of ancient times and even now those who still live in a predominantly rural environment and who still, through the nature of their daily work, come often in close contact to nature, were able to recognise these beings, first in their activity and then to the point where they could actually see them and communicate with them. They helped and still help human beings by showing them and explaining to them how the natural environment around them works, by for instance showing to them which herbs or plants are beneficial for certain ailments etc.

The peoples of that time erroneously worshipped these beings as gods and goddesses because that was or is the level to which their spiritual maturity had reached. With time however and through increasing inner maturity the recognition would come that these are only servants of a higher power and slowly they would come to the knowledge of this higher power, this one God. This is the natural process of development as willed by the Creator.

When we in our presumed superiority look down on people who still believe in these natural beings as heathens or misled ones, we would do better to pause and reflect: these nature beings are servants of the most High, they carry out his Will immediately, precisely, to the minutest detail. They are examples to us in how we should stand in our service to the Creator. They are also inclined to help us and show us nature’s secrets.

Who is better helped? Who stands more in accordance with the Will of the Creator? The one who has come to the recognition of these benevolent beings and follows their promptings and advice or the one who is blind to their existence and goes around in ignorance claiming that they are illusions, phantasies of the human mind or “fairy tales”?

The truth of the matter is that the knowledge of the workings of the nature beings is a necessary step in the development of the human spirit in coming to a correct recognition of the Creator. Recognition of the Creator lies in the recognising His Will. His Will is expressed through the Creation-Laws, the Laws of Nature in and through which the nature beings work. The knowlegde of their activity is therefore an invaluable brigde to recognition of the Holy Will of the Creator.

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