Can evil befall someone undeservedly?

I know of the law of sowing and reaping. What I don’t understand is how evil can befall someone who doesn’t deserve it. Like in Jesus’ situation. Another is the story of Job who was tempted by the devil with God’s permission.
Is Job’s story really true? Does it mean temptation can come to a man who didn’t sow it? And God singles out individuals to be tempted by the devil?

The first point to be made is that every experience that befalls man is definitely for his own good. It may be because of spiritual seeds sown in the past (now seeking redemption), or it may be a necessary maturing opportunity to teach him some lessons. If he learns the lesson(s) contained in that event then it becomes useful support for future exploits.

Can evil befall man undeservedly, then? Yes especially when man has let his guard down. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, if not because they deserve it, then it will be because someone (the perpetrator) is exercising his free-will wrongly, and therefore sowing a fresh spiritual seed into Creation and the “victim” has let his guard down as mentioned above. In other words, it is not every occasion that one is reaping from past seeds sown; sometimes it is also a question of a fresh new karma originated by a reckless human being. However in either occasion, our attention ought always to focus on the lesson(s) that experience brings forth.

One can also spiritually shield himself more and more from such straying acts of evil. The way to achieve this is by consciously living in accordance with the Laws of Creation as explained in The Grail Message. These Laws form a protective shield against all evil for the person who obeys them.

In the case of The Lord Jesus Christ, it was a totally different matter. The Bringer of The Grail Message describes it as a case of a ‘Mission Karma’. This is a situation where the one concerned took the hard/harsh experiences upon himself knowingly, as a means to bring help to others. So Christ’s case was not a case of undeserved evil, but a case of Mission Karma. Being the Divine embodiment of God’s Love, He undertook the task of bringing the liberating Word of Truth to humanity, so that they may not perish.

Even with Christ, Who had accepted beforehand all that will happen to Him (Mission Karma), yet those human beings who plotted to kill Him thereby sowed wrong spiritual seeds into Creation and must reap what they have sown. Even His prayer on the cross, could only avail those who repented and asked for such forgiveness through acts of remorse and inward transformation.

Job’s experiences in the scriptural account should be taken in the context of the educative value it holds for a reader, as it gives lessons in patience and trust in God. But be assured that The Almighty God will never tempt anyone, nor go into an understanding with the devil to tempt anyone. There will never be such form of collusion between The Light and the Darkness.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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