“Become like little children”. Why is this admonition of Jesus important for man?

The admonition “become like little children” counts as one of the golden advice that the Son of God had to give to mankind especially those who seriously wish to work for the attainment of the Kingdom of God in Paradise.

During the time of the Son of God on earth, He showed much loving warmth to children and mediated protective blessing to those that their mothers brought to Him. As Jesus was the living Word of God on earth, He wanted mankind to take serious cognisance of some peculiar traits and characteristics that we can observe in any healthy child so that the adults themselves could take a cue and resolve to exemplify these traits. And what are these traits? Trust and obedience, unassumingness, simplicity of thought, truthfulness among others.

The endeavour and volition of the Son of God while on earth was to see the human being evolve beautifully into a child of God in Creation and the aforementioned traits and characteristics that we see naturally expressed in children. These cannot be dispensed with if indeed one is to develop into a child of God.

Our [readers] will agree that with the greater majority of mankind humility as a virtue which expresses itself in unassumingness and also truthfulness are qualities that are lacking in them. This has made man to be vulnerable to vanity and all the associated vices that go with vanity.

The Will of God for His creatures that He made is for them to exemplify virtues in Creation. The nurturing of virtues will permit a timely realisation and attainment of the goal of human existence on earth which is spiritual development and maturing. There is absolutely no other way of realising these goal than to allow, in all childlikeness, the free unfolding of virtues and those qualities, peculiar qualities, that we see beautifully expressed in children.

Children, for instance, bear no malice. They don’t scheme and calculate for personal advantages. At times we see a child strapped to its mother back and stretching its hand with what its eating to people that come close to it. Children love to give.

“Become like little children” is a call from the Lord to a life of simplicity, trust and obedience to the Laws of God’s Will.

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