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What happens when man dies?

The first point to make very clear here is that man, by which we mean your spirit (because that is the real man) does not die. What actually dies upon earthly death is the physical body which the man – the spirit – used as a tool while on earth.

So the question should be: what happens to the spirit of man after departure from the earth?

Indeed, dying as we call it here on earth is a process of the birth of a soul into the Ethereal world, or the generally called Beyond. This Ethereal world is a vivid plane of existence but of a different consistency from our gross material earth.

The Ethereal body of the soul of man is what then exists in this Beyond and it is also like the shape of the physical body.

However this Ethereal body, or let’s call it soul body, will now reflect and be influenced by how man lived while in physical flesh and blood. For instance, the more materialistic man will have a more dense, dark or heavy Ethereal body, and this will even delay its detachment from the decaying physical body. This also will determine the nature of its further experiencing in the Beyond even also determine its location there; whether it will be in regions of light or of ugliness.

But for those human beings who already, while on earth, have started striving for inner nobility in thought, words and deeds, the experience would be different. Their severance from the physical body would be quicker, and it will find similar kind of souls and gain peace and happiness because of the working of the Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species.

This Law groups all departed souls in the Beyond according to their kind. Souls of wicked people will be in their group; while that of noble people will also be among their kind.

So the dead, so to speak, are still alive in spirit. They move about, experience and continue to grow and must reap all that they sowed on earth – either in the Beyond or upon a new incarnation or reincarnation, if they are permitted the opportunity.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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