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Is it possible to recognise that one is a re-incarnated soul?

We come into the world with no memory of the past lives we led. This is for our own good. Knowledge of who we were and what we had done in past lives might inhibit us in freely expressing ourselves in the present earth life that we are leading. Interacting with someone with whom we were closely connected in a past life might be difficult if we are fully aware of what had transpired between us in the past. Maybe we had inflicted pain upon each other in a former life and we are now coming together in this life to reconcile our differences. There are this and other possibilities depending upon the threads of fate we have sown in the past.

This having been said however, sometimes it is possible to catch glimpses of past lives or have an intuitive sensing of what or who we were in a former life. Dreams are one avenue through which information is channelled to us about our previous earth lives. Generally speaking we should take more interest and pay more attention to our dreams because they are avenues through which warnings and advice can be passed on to us.

Another way in which recognition of future lives can come about is to observe your own inclinations. The type of food you like to eat, the clothes that attract you, the kind of architecture that appeals to you, the places and countries you feel comfortable in or wish to travel to, all of these things can provide hints about who you might have been in a previous earth life.

Again however, after saying all this, one should examine oneself closely and ask oneself why is it so important to know who one was in a past earth life? Many of us are only pursuing personal vanity when seeking an answer to this question. We want possibly to hear that we were someone famous or that we had performed heroic deeds in the past. All such issues are irrelevant now because they lie in the past. We are supposed to live in the present, in the here and now of our present earthly existence.

Forget about who you were or might have been, instead concentrate upon achieving the goals you have set yourself for this earth life. Work hard on eliminating your weaknesses and improving your abilities, so that when you come to the end of this particular earth life, this cycle, you can, when you pass over to the other side, look back at what you were permitted to experience and know with deep and heartfelt joy that you have accomplished your task and that the past life you have just lived through links up in a positive upward curve with the others that you experienced in the past. Finally, give deep and heartfelt thanks to your Creator for his great goodness and mercy for permitting you such experiencing.

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The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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