About us

We are a group of persons who have benefited from the knowledge contained in The Grail Message, In The Light of Truth by Abd-Ru-Shin, and use the knowledge as the basis to address questions and issues of life. It is our joy that through this effort many truly seeking members of the public would have access to the Grail Message, and use it to facilitate a deeper understanding of our wondrous Creation.

Through the knowledge mediated through the Grail Message an objective reader and hearer is helped to see the entire Creation, including his immediate gross material or earthly environment, as well as the so-called invisible ‘beyond’ as a living language and testimony of the Magnitude, Love and Justice of The Creator. He or she is helped to see that everything in Creation obeys a Law of Motion and Divine Order, and as such nothing ever happens by accident.

This way there are certain and logical explanations for everything and anything that happens by way of human experiences, be they sudden death, family curses, delayed marriage and pregnancy, poverty, diseases, sudden riches or fortunes, etc.

The hearer or reader is free to ask questions pertaining to peculiar personal experiences, and these would also be addressed in our series. The ultimate intention though, is to introduce the reader and hearer to the Knowledge contained in the Grail Message, which he or she is encouraged to personally and objectively examine.

Truth is the only path that leads towards spiritual redemption; and each human being must be confronted with the choice of free will to follow the path of Truth and Knowledge, or the path of ignorance.

Readers and hearers are also free to visit indicated websites to avail themselves of resources offered through the Works of Abd-Ru-Shin.

May you be granted the strength and inner joy to experience life in more meaningful ways.