Why should we not take revenge?

There is this biblical saying which declares “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay”. This saying, recorded in the Bible, was ascribed to the Creator in the course of the experiencing of the Israelites. Today, the central truth and wisdom in the saying still remains relevant and valid to human experiencing on earth.

Our [readers] should always stand in the awareness that our God is a God of Justice. Indeed, He is Justice personified. For having conceived of the work of Creation and brought it into existence with His power, He laid down in this work the Laws that will irrevocably operate therein. Therefore, all creatures remain bound within the framework of the working and course of these glorious Laws coming from God’s Holy Wisdom.

Let us now cast our minds back to one of the most instructive admonitions that the Lord Jesus Christ gave during His ministrations on earth. He advised “judge not so that ye will not be judged”. What His admonition is pointing to is the fact that the human vision is very limited. And that it is only he who can see the beginning and the end of matter that can rightly judge. He therefore called for restraint and a check on that human impulsiveness that is always prone to errors, mistakes and misjudgements.

When we want to take out revenge on someone who has hurt us, we should pause to reflect whether that revenge would measure, in every way conceivable, with the offence. If it goes beyond the offence then a spiritual burden is already incurred which, in accordance with the Laws of Creation, must be expiated.

Is it not better then to let the Natural Laws take effect rather than to rashly take out revenge which will go beyond the original offence done to us? When Lord said “Vengeance is Mine. I will repay”, we are warned that it is only God’s Wisdom that can justly measure out recompense and reward. It goes beyond human wisdom. We should remember that if we always watch and pray, nothing will happen to us that we have not at an earlier time given cause to through our wrong thinking and actions either in a former earth-life or even the present one.

What is spiritual profitable for us is to leave reward and recompense to God and His Wisdom.

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