Why should one prevent or control anger?

Anger, by its very nature, is a human emotion that expresses indignation in the extreme. An inconsiderate action, a betrayed trust, an unwarranted oppression, an unkind word, a wicked act could trigger anger which could result in damages and destruction that may prove irreparable.

Down the ages forerunners, great teachers of men, prophets and sages have had cause to address this issue of anger, and they have consistently advised discipline, restraint and self-control as a sure way of not succumbing to anger. This is because when anger is given a full sway unimaginable destruction and damage invariably result as earlier on pointed out.

It is normal and in fact healthy for the human being to express displeasure and indignation at anything that is directed at him and which he or she perceives as unjust and wrong. Even with undesirable happenings in one’s immediate environment it is wrong to tolerate injustice and all that is patently wrong otherwise the evil volition will have room and latitude to spread.

It will be helpful for our [readers] to know that the tone of the human temperament plays a key role with respect to the emotion of anger. Indeed, the manifestation of the human temperament is closely tied up with the tone of the human blood. For example, somebody who is easily prone to anger is so conditioned in part by the tone and radiation of his blood, that is the temperament condition in his blood is an easily excitable one; and it is here that the need for self-control and restraint become of paramount importance.

What is dignifying for the human being according to the Will of God is for the human creature to stand sublimely at all times above his temperament as may be conditioned by the composition and tone of his blood.

It will also afford our [readers] deeper insight to know that the basic conditioning of the temperament in the human blood in the first place is an activity made possible through nature in the provision of material elements and compounds that nourish the physical body of man together with beneficial influences from the universe that impact on us from day to day such as the rays of the sun, the radiation of the moon and all the stars, the vibrations from the movement of the earth – all these impact beneficially on the human being on earth to condition a healthy temperament.

Most importantly, we need the different tones of the human temperament for the varied challenges of living on earth and facing the task that must lead the human creature to sustained spiritual development and maturing.

Finally, when someone allows anger to rise in him, at that point the radiation of his blood, which is already negatively excited, blocks him from guidance and help as could come from his spirit guides and helpers in the Beyond; and at that point the human being is really alone and cut off for those moments that anger rages in him and the danger of irreparable damage and destruction then become very real.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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