Why is there so much evil in today’s world?

There is a lot of debate as to why there is so much evil in today’s world. Basically men do not have a unanimous answer to such questions. Many persons do not even think deeply about such matters at all, preferring to concern themselves with the pursuit of “material” things, such as food, drink and shelter! Philosophers, moralists, ecclesiastics and other religious personalities are often at odds about these issues. In fact many in resignation state: “What is my business to know about all this? Who am I to concern myself with all the problems of the world? If I rack my brain over the problems of the world I could lose my mind. And if a God actually exists, how could He even allow such depravity?”

But Almighty God desires that man is cognizant (and not ignorant) of the world in which he lives. And that is why from time to time he sends Prophets and other Servants to different parts of the world to enlighten the people. Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Zoroaster, Lao-Tse and many others have come to earth to teach God’s Will according to the maturity of the inhabitants of the earth, to whom they were sent at the various times. Persons who study Spiritual Law, and who seekingly ask for answers to the questions that plague them, will realise that God gave man the attribute of his “Free-Will,” but that for various reasons, men went against the clear roads devised for him by the Love of Almighty God, and conjured up false roads for themselves, which roads of infamy and disobedience, along with the similar false striving of millions of other human beings, has led the earth to the sorry state in which it finds itself today, with its wars, inflation, poverty, murders, and all other nature of miscellaneous ills.

The factors that cause the multifarious ills in the world are too numerous to be exhausted in a brief discourse. However, a mighty Revelation of Truth titled “The Grail Message” written by the Great Truth-Bringer Abd-ru-shin, in 168 lectures of lucidity and clarity, explains the actual expectation that God had of men, and details how these justifiable expectations were dashed by the same men, who turned out to become ‘caricatures’ of what they were lovingly supposed to be! A serious examination of this Great Work (The Grail Message) will reveal that men cannot blame Almighty God for their short-comings, because God has faithfully provided them with all they required to gain the right recognitions.

Finally, the Grail Message explains how men, due to their increasing propensity for evil, created many a dark ethereal and spiritual plane, a negative zone, a zone of evil, which zone is inhabited by equally misguided persons who lived wrong lives on earth. It is the influence and emanations of this evil zone that further impels men on earth to commit yet further untold atrocities that by all standards appear inexplicable!

The Grail Message finally reveals how God (and the great Creation) checks all these excesses, and how in the end peace will prevail (by force) in a phenomenon known as “The Last Judgement” or the “Great Cleansing” or “The Great Purification,” and “the Millenium.”

The great confusion and distress that everywhere prevail today, are merely the precursor of the expected long-expected peace, and a sign that these great processes are already in full swing!

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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