Why is it often said that idol worship is wrong and sinful, and yet our ancestor-idol worshippers lived more peacefully and exhibited greater fear of God?

To answer this very good question in all simplicity, idol worship is wrong and sinful because all worship and reverence belongs to God Almighty. But having said that, one must immediately add that what our ancestors did in most cases was not a classical case of idol worship.

Rather, because of their low level of enlightenment then about Creation and the Laws of God controlling things in Creation, our ancestors sought to use intermediary bridges of connection to the God-head. In this process they turned to the little Elemental Beings whom they could perceive and work with, also because the ancestors maintained simple and natural ways of life. They, however, over time, began to revere, worship and set up shrines and carve images of these Elemental Beings, and organised festivities in honour of these.

This was how for instance, New Yam festivals, Sango worship, and similar such practices and observances among various peoples arose.

The eventual coming of the white missionaries further made a bad situation worse; in the sense that the missionaries failed to lead the native local people gradually from their low level of recognition to a higher recognition of God. Rather the missionaries literally threw away the baby with the bath water; hence the gap and lack of deep recognition of the Will of God among the peoples today.

Our ancestors had better attitude towards creation because they could perceive, in their childlikeness, the process of cause and effect; and knew that any wrong actions would lead to spiritual consequences. As such they regarded certain things as taboos and avoided indulging in them. They also had very severe punishment for those who erred.

It is true that in some cases they went to the extreme and also got some things totally wrong, and generally messed up. But if they had continued in a normal and gradually progressive way in recognitions, a time would have come when the knowledge of the Will of the One God would have been realised and absorbed by them.

We are now at that moment in time when all must seek to understand fully the Laws of Creation, which represent the active Will of God in Creation. When mankind comes to appreciate that through the exercise of their will they mould their destiny and build ladders of ascent to Paradise or descend to spiritual damnation; then they would also learn to fear and revere God Almighty.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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