Why does God allow evil things to happen to us?

Man by virtue of his nature i.e. his origin from the spiritual realm is endowed with free will. That is, he is free to choose the things he desires for himself. The choice is free, but as soon as that choice is made, the consequences will inevitably return to him. In short, with the ability to choose, their comes with it the responsibility of accounting for the effects of that choice.

If someone for instance uses his earthly power or influence to take from someone something that is dear or cherished by the other, then, sooner or later, the perpetrator of this deed will be forced to experience upon himself to a far greater extent the pain that he inflicted upon the other through his past selfish action. In experiencing this pain as the fruit of his past action, he now comes to the recognition that it is bad to inflict such an action on another person. If the experiencing leads to deep introspection and genuine recognition and remorse, the perpetrator will have learnt a lesson and will have gained in maturity.

The evil that we experience in our lives is for the most part a result or expressed differently the reciprocal effect of our past actions – our intuitions, words and deeds. They are the fruits of the seeds, which we sowed in the past. By past one does not mean just this present earth life in which we find ourselves but this includes past reincarnations of which we all have had many, but the memory of which we have lost, because with each new earth life a veil is put over our memory of the former lives we lead.

The earth or better said the world of matter is a school for the human spirit where through exercising his volition he slowly matures inwardly. His longing and desiring for earthly joys and goals will slowly be cast aside till only the yearning for spiritual goals is alive within him and with that he can now begin his ascent-his upwards journey back to the place from where he came.

Again, we must remember when contemplating upon these matters, that many of the evils that assail us are direct results of our refusal to recognise and adjust ourselves to the Laws of Nature. Many of the diseases under whose yoke humanity suffers are as a result of wrong feeding and drinking. We do not take adequate care of our physical bodies. We also often eat and drink to excess forgetting the Law of Equilibrium and Balance, the Law of Give and Take. When we now suffer from the effects brought about by our wrong actions, we then expect the Creator to deliver us from the consequences of our own failures. This is also coupled sometimes with an implied accusation that God should never have allowed you to become sick in the first place. However, man must realise that God is love but he is also at the same time justice. He lets us face the consequences of our actions because it is only through this experiencing that real inner change will be brought about. If man were to be quickly relieved of the burden of his evil deeds, he would at first be full of relief that the burden has been taken away from him but after some time he would forget what he went through and resume his old ways.

Staying with the analogy of disease and illnesses to the physical body of man, is it not a thing of amazement when we discover that in nature – in the leaves shrubs and flowers growing around us, often times cures to many a bodily ailment lie? Not only do these cures of nature lie around us, many a time they grow and are in full bloom and at the highest point of their potency at the time when many of these ailments affect us. But we have become so dense and narrow minded that we cannot see these cures, many which are staring us right in the face. Who is to be blame for this? The Creator? Certainly not. It is man who is at fault. Through his own self-imposed limitations, he has brought this upon himself.

The reason why evil exists in the world of matter, of which he earth is a part, is a result of man’s refusal to recognise the Will of God in Creation. God’s Will manifests in Creation, which is His work. If we recognise His Will in It and seek to follow His Will evil will disappear from our lives. We will only experience joy and bliss in the knowledge of being connected to the Creative Will and consciously receiving and passing on the light waves emanating from Him.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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