Why does a good person suffer?

As human spirits we have incarnated on this earth many times in the past. Our present earth-life is not the sum total of our existence but only a part of the whole. In our previous earth-lives we have gone through experiences, taken decisions and interacted with our fellow human beings in various ways. The consequences of those past experiences and actions, inasmuch as they have not completed their cycle, are still connected with us and, when the time is ripe, will return to us bringing back to us in multiples the fruits of that original volition be it good or bad.

The cause of suffering therefore lies within us, in our past weavings in previous earth-lives which now, at the closing of their cycle, we are obliged to redeem.

This is not injustice but the consequences of the Law of Reciprocal Action which stipulates that what a man sows that will he surely reap. The time of that reaping is not however limited to the short span of one earth-life but stretches through our entire existence. Wherever we are at the time when the fruit ripens we will have to taste of it.

In this regard we should also note that suffering negative repercussions in itself can lead to progress for the human spirit if its attitude to it is right. If it recognises these experiences as a consequence of its own past deeds and seeks to learn from them then the experience can ripen and mature the spirit. Through its struggle it glows more intensely. It emerges from these experiences lighter and more luminous. It has shed off the weight of these negative currents and is no longer connected to them. On leaving this earth at physical death, if it has in the meantime not burdened itself again with fresh guilt, it will be swung on high to purer realms where it will be in the company of human spirits of similar maturity and nature.

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The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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