Why did Christ come down to the Earth?

Our Lord Jesus Christ came down to earth to save humanity from spiritual death. To understand what this statement means, one must first answer some basic questions. Who is man? What is the purpose of his existence? Why is he here on earth?

Man is not his physical body. His physical body is just one of many cloaks that he bears and which serves him as a tool in his journey through the planes of matter. Man’s essence, the real core of man, is his spirit. Coming from the spiritual as an unconscious spirit germ, man has to descend down into the lower lying planes of matter and through his experiencing there mature, become self-conscious and in so doing automatically recognise who he is and where he comes from. With this recognition comes then also the desire and longing to return to its point of origin, the spiritual realm. This longing will link the spirit with spiritual currents coming from above, which in turn will draw the spirit upwards, back towards its point of origin, where it will ultimately return and enter as a self-conscious spirit flame. This is the life cycle of the human spirit as ordained by the Creator. The process described above does not happen in just one short earth life, but is a process of repeated incarnations coupled together with sojourns in adjacent planes of matter to the earth.

However, man lost his way during his wanderings through the planes of matter. Instead of developing his spiritual qualities and in so doing penetrating, ennobling and spiritualising the world of matter, the human spirit entangled itself in it, bound itself to it and in short lost its way. Man’s cardinal error lay and continues to lie in the overdevelopment of his intellect, which was given to him by the Creator as a tool to facilitate life on earth. Man however, so concentrated his energy on the development of this tool, that it has now taken over control and blocks the spirit from receiving power and energy from its point of origin, the spiritual realm.

To put it in form of a picture, one might say that the spirit is trapped in a bag, his physical body, which has been bound at the top by a tight rope, the intellect. Nothing spiritual can come in and nothing spiritual can come out. The ultimate consequence is that if man is not able to release himself from the control of the intellect and find its way out of the world of matter, he will ultimately be dragged into the disintegration process, which all that is material, has to undergo when it has reached the end of its cycle. This disintegration process will result in the spirit losing its self-consciousness and reverting to its original unconscious state. A process that is incredibly painful and irreversible. That is spiritual death. The worst fate that can befall a human spirit.

Christ’s mission was to come down to earth and bring humanity the word of Truth. Being a part out of the Creator only He could transmit undiluted the Word of Truth to the human spirits in the world of matter. Through His teachings and actions, He was able to penetrate into their souls and implant the seeds of truth, which hitherto had not been able to find access. Like a pillar of light, He stood out in the dark ethereal environment of the earth and attracted strong currents of light, which penetrated into the gloom, and darkness that had hitherto prevailed.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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