Who is man?

Man on earth is essentially a human creature that came to life as a species in the Work of Creation. It is of fundamental importance for us to know that the coming into being of man, his existence, is a grace of out of the love of the Almighty Father.

Man as a human creature has his origin in the spiritual part of Creation; specifically, the lowest part of the spiritual plane of Creation where, before his descent to the lower lying material planes, he existed there as an unconscious spirit-germ.

Man has a purpose behind his existence on earth. It is the attainment of full self-consciousness and spiritual maturity through a development process within the framework of the Laws of Creation. The earth, the lowest plane of Creation, can be seen as serving the stage, the platform as it were, for man’s development and attainment of spiritual maturity that has been ordained for him through the grace of the Almighty; and through this grace all that the creature man needs for the attainment of the ordained maturity had been put in place and placed within his reach. The greatest gift from this grace of the Almighty is Nature.

Man as a human creature has a freewill. It is intrinsic, it is imbued in his being, his nature. With the freewill he is able to make decisions which the Law of Reciprocal Action will see to it that the consequences, the effects of such decisions do flow back to him.

Therefore man cannot, at any time, dispense with such spiritual knowledge that will enable him to weigh his actions. He cannot also dispense with the mental and spiritual discipline that will restrain him from being, as it were, in the black-book of Creation.

In conclusion, man on earth owes himself the duty to ensure that he returns back to his spiritual home, Paradise, as a fully conscious and matured human spirit whose only aim is to eternally serve his Creator, his great Creator Whose eternal goodness made it possible for him to experience life.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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