Who are the angels? Are they superior to human beings?

What we should address here is first of all to know a little bit more about this category of creatures whose existence has been known to mankind for a long time.

Angels, as we have them in Creation, are creatures of the Almighty Father and they constitute a very peculiar and special species of Creation. Indeed our [readers] should be informed today that there are also arch-angels in the Eternal Realms of the Divine. And by Divine here is meant the Realm that the unavoidable Radiation of the Primordial Light in God the Father has prescribed from all eternity. The arch-angels have always existed in this Realm of Light from prime eternity.

Arch-angels, angels, cherubim, seraphim indeed all angels in their various categories, orders and ranking exist for just one purpose: to serve and execute the Will of God the Father unconditionally and upholding thereby in all conditions, situations and circumstances that prime precedence of God’s sovereignty which cannot be questioned and must never be questioned.

So has it been with angels, so it is with them and so with it ever be with them.

Today we now have the enlightening knowledge that tells us that the wings or pinions that all angels have is an expression of their essential nature which is to execute and carry out the Will and biddings of God the Creator without the slightest hesitation. And the more purely they swing in this duty the brighter they are, the more luminous they become.

Let our [readers] know today that angels do not serve the human volition. They are not conditioned to take orders from men. It is therefore a gross misconception when some people claim so send angels on errands. One often hears of claims by people involved in occult practices and magic claiming to deploy angels to carry out their wishes. Such people really need to find out who in actual sense they do send on such spiritually dubious errands. Certainly not the angels that perpetually stand in the Rays of God’s Holy Power.

In Creation, the issue of comparative value between angels and human creatures should not arise. Both are respective species of the work of Creation with clearly defined functions and activities. It is only the purity of their activity and swinging that determines their spiritual value.

And one last word about angels: they do not have a free-will. Therefore all that they are supposed to know and indeed what they know is to always execute and carry out the expressed Will and biddings of God.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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