Where does man go after death?

Physical death is the passing from the earthly plane into the world beyond; a birth into the beyond. Truly, it should not hold so much terror for mankind as we are simply going back to a place we came from before incarnating on earth. For the person who has lived a life based on obedience to the Will of God, fear of death is misplaced.
Those who should fear death are those who have lived wicked and careless lives. Such people have every reason to be afraid. What awaits them is so terrible that it is often better for them to continue living on earth – if that were possible!
Depending on how an individual has lived his life, the silver cord which connects the inner body to the physical one is lighter or heavier. The lighter it is, the shorter it takes to disintegrate and as such the easier it is for the soul to detach itself from the dying or dead physical body. The heavier it is, the more difficult it is for the soul to detach itself leading to the so-called prolonged death struggle.
The Law of Spiritual Gravity determines where an individual finds himself after earthly death. What this simply means is that the weight of the individual determines where he goes. This weight is in turn determined by the individual’s nature. Human beings that strive for spiritual maturity and obey the Laws of God joyfully will always think, speak and act in purity which makes them light spiritually. For example, when we successfully help someone in difficulty, we feel happy and light within us. Through this lightness, on leaving the flesh, such people will ascend to the higher or lighter parts of the beyond. Conversely, those of evil disposition have produced forms which are darker and heavier. For instance, deeds of anger or hatred make people heavy. This heaviness attaches to their inner bodies and makes these wicked ones sink into the lower regions of the beyond as a natural consequence.
In these lower regions, they will find the ugly forms they have produced and also people with similar tendencies who try to inflict on each other what they inflicted on their fellow men while on earth. The unrestrained raging that occurs there cannot even be imagined.
Those who find themselves in lighter areas will also encounter those of similar nature. They will come together in kindness and peace and will join hands in the pursuit of the greater good.
Therefore, each man goes to the place he has prepared for himself through his thoughts, words and deeds while here on earth.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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