When an earthquake occurs, is it the sin of one person or of many that brought it about?

This is a very interesting question because it is also raising an issue that should interest everyone. There is now, no doubt, a noticeable increase in the occurrences of what we call weather catastrophes.

The earth’s temperature is getting hotter; strange diseases now abound; wars are fought from one end of the earth to another; human traditions and social structures are in decay and ruins; even religious groups and their teachings are facing internal and external upheavals. An instance is the case of those for and against same-sex marriages, unification of the denominations and sectarian conflicts within religious groups.

In effect, there is noticeable increased tempo of occurrences and events on earth, and in Creation as a whole, which must elicit questions from observant human beings. These occurrences are the direct effects of the intensified release of the Power of the Holy Spirit into Creation as an instrument for the purification of the earth and her inhabitants, during the Last Judgement.

Part of the effect of this purifying power is to smooth the part for the re-establishment of the Kingdom of Peace or the Millennium; and this means putting right everything that has been wrong in Creation, either voluntarily or by force. Nothing would be able to resist the power of the judgement rays.

In the same token, the powerful rays will transform the earth, purging it of all dark currents arising from the evil volition of men, so that the earth is purified and refreshed in every respect for the blessing and joy of its inhabitants,

So the earthquake is not per se as a result of the sins of one person or persons, but a question of a natural transformation of the earth. However each individual would experience these times of great purification according to how he or she stands inwardly- it would either bring joy or pains- simply in accordance with one’s spiritual standing.

Even in the face of these severe experiences, opportunities would also abound for one to redeem his karma if the one carries love and true worship of God in deeds, as a banner- obeying therefore the Will of God Almighty as expressed in the Laws of Creation.


The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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